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Nov24-05, 04:08 PM
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The posting guidelines for S&D have been posted for your convenience. Our regular S&D contributors and readers should recognize that this does not represent a significant change; rather, it is intended to prevent confusion. The one exception here is the explicit exclusion of conspiracy theories. Discussions of conspiracy theories have been allowed in the past, but they have always been a problem and almost always ended up as closed threads. Also, in keeping with the fact that PF is a place for science, we are and have always been interested in phenomena, not conspiracies.

This is posted in the feedback sticky above. I may fine tune things a little more over time, but this should cover things pretty well.

In order to help avoid confusion it seems appropriate to state the goal of S&D clearly: We explore claims of and evidence for unexplained phenomena. Thoughtful speculation and explanations are welcome.

With the exception of links to published papers in the Credible Anomalies Napster, which then directs the reader to a mainstream forum, we do not explore mainstream subject matter; and especially not new ideas about physics. Questions about mainstream subjects should be submitted to a regular forum. Also, speculation regarding mainstream subject matter is not appropriate here. Theories meeting the specified criteria are posted in the independent research sub-forum above.

Although unavoidably linked with subjects such as UFOs, we do not discuss conspiracy theories for their own sake.

Thank you for your participation and cooperation in maintaining an interesting and respectable forum that everyone can enjoy.
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