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Nov30-05, 05:33 PM
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good!* the point is to talk about this as well as think about it in ways that are coherent, and continue to shed light on the Reality. many do not even know what it is they say, and it is quite silly.

check it: so long as you have a concept of what you are, you are limiting yourSelf and pretending to be something that you ARE not. When you impose your will, you are projecing it from an idea of what you are, which is, in Reality, false to begin with. this may be too much, for right now, but it must be "put it out there", as it might be "seen". when you have no self- or otherwise-imposed idea of self, then you are. and what's more: you are equivalent with "That," which, in itself, Is, and also cannot be named. do you see that, the limiting of one's Self, by defining it as being some particular thing, is the seed of the seperation from That unnamable Source, which is actually only (and all of) That/This? it's only logic. pure rationality has derived all of this explanation.

*a message for: orefa!!

amazing how the ego fights for its survival in the face That... just doesn't want to let go.