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Dec1-05, 08:54 PM
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From wikipedia:"a criminal might argue before a judge that since the judge would not want himself to be sent to prison by anyone, the judge would violate the golden rule by sending other people, such as the criminal, to prison."
this may be a strong argument, db. but really, in this capitalist, "get rich or die tryin'", "time is money", and "screw the planet and people, so long as i get paid" world that we have made for ourselves, when has the wisdom of such a remark ever been deeply explored and passed onto children and people as a Real value? it seems that almost no one really cares about another persons experience, unless it also affects them directly.

shouldn't the "golden rule" then be the highest value? the one which is the central "pivot" of all human endeavors? the hinge of all human understanding? wisdom comes at a price. you gotta give up your self/selfish desires to It, in order to be endowed with wisdom. we do not find this important, to begin with.

why do we imprison people? we label tham as bad, but do not sincerely make an effort to mend their abused, disjointed or broken psyche's. retaliation is surely not the cure, as it only leads to more of the same; more retaliation.

the wise are the paragons of actualization and perfection. since the judges are not necessarily wise (furthermore, usually are not wise), and we are not a wise society, it is obvious that many people would condemn the judge for agreeing with the man.

the only Real Teacher, is the paragon on Wisdom. Those that pose as teachers only act on emotion and flawed logic; they are sophists. wisdom results, when one has completely "unfolded" their mind, and thereby can see the whole of it, without contradiction or hypocrisy. to see the Reality of "reality"

everything is connected, directly. we are our environment and our environment becomes what we are. if we are polluted in mind, we will pollute the environment. the "outer" is the expression of the "inner" and vice-versa. they are the same. i am sure the prison is not the most nourishing, cultivating and healing environment that one can find oneself. "eye for an eye" got us this far.... and we are on the verge of self-destruction!! (in geologic and species time, that is) :)

the Real Revolution will not be a societal movement, such as socialism or communism, or any other -ism. it will occur internally, through the individuals, whom compose society, unceasing striving for self-realization or actualization. wisdom will take over from the inside and work its way to the "outer". like a microwave from the inside out... or like a philosophical enema. :)