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Jan16-06, 04:44 AM
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A lot of people here seem to think they should be able to get a partner that is very different from them. After all, opposites attract, right? Wrong. Look at your friends. Are they like you, or are they completely different? Are they out shopping while you're home playing WoW? Do they go to the clubs while you watch movies all by yourself? Are they listening to rap while you're listening to classical? Are they out on dates while you're working on a rash?
I bet they're very similar to you, and that's the way you like it. Most people love themselves more than anybody else in the world. If you want to test this, go create an account at and see how compatible you are with yourself and others after answering 100 questions; I can assure you that you are your own best match.
Rather than looking for somebody completely different than yourself, look for someone just like you. That way, you and your partner shouldn't need to sacrifice anything in order to be happy.

My dream girl? She's a shy nerd who likes to cuddle. She doesn't care for clubs or bars, and she isn't too into sports. Her idea of fun is spending time with people she likes. She isn't fond of shopping just for the sake of spending money. She's very witty, even though she doesn't talk much. She's smart, or at least she seems smart. She's mindful of politics, but she doesn't talk about politics.
Basically it's the female version of myself. There are a lot of girls, in my league, who fit this description. You just don't know it because they're not memorable people, and you generally can't find them in public places. The internet is just littered with them though