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Feb7-06, 12:49 PM
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i'm having problems getting sensible answers...

a cylinder contains 4.62g of hydrogen at 17C and 2.32 x10^6 Pa
calculate number of moles.

actual mass/molecular mass= 4.62/2= 2.31
(relative molecular mass given as 2 in the this right??)

calculate density of gas.

using pV=nRT
=2.31x8.31x(17+273) all divided by 2.32x10^6

density=4.62x10^3 (to make it into kg) divided by 0.00239951...

gives 1925393.101... kgm^-3
which seems awfully high.
i have another question but i'll put it in another thread before my computer crashes and i lose all of this.
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