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Mar3-06, 03:02 PM
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Not so. It is a quite clear dichotomy that requires NSA and CIA to direct their efforts against foreign powers, not domestic targets. The problem arises because that is no longer sufficient to protect us.
Right, there is not objection to the project, just that it be done lawfully, including proper oversight. What is with the "all or nothing" thinking out there?
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The Earthlink terms of service say that they reserve the right to remove or disclose the materials you store on their servers. This is a common type of clause in ISP-user agreements. It is not a law, and it does not authorize the FBI to monitor your emails without getting a warrant.
And in regard to telephone calls, if there is a van parked outside my place with wiretaps, I assure they must have a warrant based on probable cause. Electronic communications is electronic communications and all are protected by privacy laws. If a relative dies and I want access to their email history, it will be denied (based on an actual case BTW).