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Mar5-06, 01:29 AM
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Great things about being American:

1) You can get paid to live in either Wyoming or Alaska.
2) What other country could even dream of having two future governors star in Predator?
3) Over 4,000 miles of beaches.
4) No need to adhere to the Kyoto protocols.
5) You can anglicize cities with names like El Pueblo de la Nuestra Mujer, la Reina de Los Angeles.
6) Is there anywhere else on earth where you can theoretically become a billionaire by drinking Pepsi?
7) You get to unofficially govern at least twenty other nations.
8) You can make a small fortune selling obsolete cultural artifacts (like old Levis) to the Japanese.
9) UN? What UN?
10) You have the right to openly practice any form of (Christian) religion you'd like, just so long as you aren't at a public school.