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Nov9-03, 04:16 PM
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Originally posted by Unkaspam
Thanks Ambitwistor. I'm getting some of this now! If a black hole really is a "hole" then its evaporation would be more like filling in the hole rather than having the hole "evaporate".
I'd rather just say that the horizon and mass of the hole shrinks, than say that the hole is "filled in".

Or is it that when the highly compressed state of matter becomes a singularity, it presents a hole in the theory of general relativity or can the mass of singularity still be viewed as a condensed "mass" in relation to other masses such as planets?
It's not possible to define the mass of the singularity, but the black hole itself has a mass. And yes, a singularity is a "hole" in general relativity; GR fails to make predictions about singularities.

One more question, does Hawking radiation have a mass?
It has mass-energy, like any radiation. If you enclosed some of it in a box, the box would have mass.