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I'm not really big on Roswell, but if there is one compelling witness in all of this it is Col. Corso, who was the intelligence officer who allegedly "saw what come from Roswell", and who also allegedly knew what became of what he saw. In many ways he comes with a high degree of credibility but the story he tells is about as wild as it gets. It is the stuff of conspiracy theories and all the rest. When he knew he was dying, not long before he died, he made a video to document his alleged experiences.

By all accounts, he served with distinction during World War II and the Korean War, was a member of the White House National Security Council under President Eisenhower, and then headed the Foreign Technology Desk at the U.S. Army's Research and Development Department, reporting to General Arthur Trudeau

Over the years various military credentials have been shown and there is a photo of him in uniform and standing next to Eisenhower. He seems to be who he says he his. I believe this is fairly well established.

On Sunday night, this weekend, Coast to Coast will broadcast the Art Bell interview with Corso done in 1997.

Sun 04.09 >>
from 7/23/97
Col. Phillip Corso
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