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Igor Khavkine
Apr7-06, 04:00 AM
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On 2006-04-05, Jay R. Yablon <> wrote:

> I have just posted a DRAFT paper to:
> This paper is titled: "Is the Lorentz Force Law Based Upon a Relation
> Between rho=mu+p Perfect Fluids and alpha=1 Kerrighan-Type Electromagnetic
> Energy Tensors?"
> I would appreciate your review and comment on this draft before I consider
> next steps.

Dear Jay, your paper draft is 30 pages long. Which is too long for me,
and I'm sure many other s.p.r patrons, to read in detail. If you really
want feed back, you may be interested in the following exercise in
efficient communication.

Can you summarize the technical (mathematical) content of your work in
one paragraph? In advance, I can't necessarily say that this will be
possible. But you won't know unless you try. It is also a good test of
whether your terminology is standard enough to be recognizable by people
familiar with the mathematical background.

Perhaps in another paragraph, can you summarize the physical
interpretation of your technical results? Usually, this involves
relating mathematical objects to things we can measure in the lab. At
this stage, you should also consider consistency with known physics and
possible measurable predictions.