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Eat your grapes!

by Nicool003
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Mar28-03, 02:39 PM
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There is a program at my highschool in which a student (through his/her sophmore-senior years) spends valuable time and sacrifices many things like study halls, lunch (well you can eat lunch but you have to eat while working) and other classes to study one specific thing, learn about it, and I believe you have to come to some conclusion about it or find out something knew about what you are studying. Well this year a senior at my school discovered a link between grapes used in certain wines and drinks and cancer. I believe it showed that they could help stop cancer and he is continuing on his project. I'll update you later on the project and the program that this is (as you may have noticed i didn't mention the name..can't remember it.
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Mar31-03, 10:51 AM
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Well, isn't that connection already known? There are a lot of anti-oxidants in wine, that would give protection against cancer. I also heard that red fruits or vegetables are good protectors against cancer because of the color component. Interesting to find out more though, how is he doing the project?
Greg Bernhardt
Mar31-03, 10:54 AM
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Yes, I drink some grape or apple juice everyday. Experts also say they are loaded with Polynurients. Whatever that is, but it sounds like a good thing to have .

The Grimmus
Apr10-03, 08:03 PM
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Eat your grapes!

I always new that wine coolers where good for soemthing besides makeing me seem funny and responding to greg's post I drink these fruit jucies they contian this chemical called glucose but if it is in fruit juice than me being the average consumer must thinks it's healthy

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