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Home-made Tube amplifier

by Jdo300
Tags: amplifier, homemade, tube
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Mar15-07, 11:09 AM
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Hello All,

I'm working on a three-channel tube amplifier for some experiments I'm doing (and later on, my keyboard ) and I was wondering if the nice people here could give me some tips for the circuit construction.

I've already ordered a bunch of 6au6 tubes (because they were 50 cents each and within my power requirements) and a nice transformer from eBay here:

I'm looking for the simplest possible circuit diagram for the power supply and amplifier stages that I can find. So far, I've found these three links:

But I was wondering if anyone here knows of any other really good, intuitive tutorials talking about how to make one (and what each part does). As this is as much a learning experience for me as a project, I really want to understand what I am doing besides just soldering a bunch of parts together from a circuit diagram.

Jason O
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Mar15-07, 11:15 AM
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talk to some of the guys who hang there.
Mar15-07, 12:02 PM
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One of the best tutorials that I have found regarding how each component performs in circuits is Dave Funk's Tube Amp Workbook.

It is comb-bound so it will lie flat on your table or desk, and it has all kinds of handy reference material, including a good collection of Fender amplifier schematics.

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