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Is a uniform gravitational field a gravitational field?

by MeJennifer
Tags: field, gravitational
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Aug15-07, 02:23 PM
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I think it's about time to lock this thread. We are not here to debate the validity of mainstream science - which is essentially what Zanket is interested in doing with his claims about "GR being inconsistent".

Zanket will have to have this sort of discussion on some other board (if he can find anyone interested in carrying it out).

I've given the thread some latitude because in his misguided attempt to find inconsistencies in GR, Zanket has asked some interesting questions. But I think the questions have basically been answered (even if Zanket isn't listening to the answers).

It's unfortunate that Zanket continues to confuse the ill-behavior of Schwarzschild coordinates at the horizon with deep problems in GR. Schwarzschild coordinates are in fact singular at the horizon - the simple solution to this issue is to use some other coordinate system.

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