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Tunnel client?

by DarkAnt
Tags: client, tunnel
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Feb7-04, 06:53 PM
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I've got a friend who lives on a military base. The base has a firewall that blocks out a ton of stuff and such so I was wondering if anyone knew something that could bypass this firewall. I remeber someone had http tunnel client a while back and that worked but you have to pay for that.
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Feb7-04, 09:18 PM
dduardo's Avatar
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Didn't we have this conversation before?

You can easily create a FREE vpn server with windows.

windows xp

windows 2000

Here is how to setup a FREE client for each version of windows

windows XP

windows 2000:

windows me:

windows 98

windows 95

And just for kicks, here is a FREE and open source Linux vpn server and client:
Feb7-04, 10:31 PM
P: 194
I think we might have, but about me being the server for someone else. I'm just dense, don't mind me

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