what is the mechanism for expansion

by wolram
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Feb10-04, 04:32 AM
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if space is expanding and we take it that it is quantasized
into planckian units of invariant dimensions what is the
mechanism for expansion, do these planck quanta multiply?
or have i misunderstood the concept?
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Feb13-04, 04:27 PM
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Hi, in LQG the nodes of spin networks carry quantities of volume associated to them, so you must to understand firstly what an spin network is: a collection of edges and nodes forming a graph
Anyway this graph is not still: Is always evolving thanks to the Hamiltonian constraint, that guides his evolution, so new nodes can appear in the graph (and then new quantized cells of volume). Also, think that a node that was originating a quantized cell of space can then enter inside of an object and give to it some quantity of volume (this has been called by some authors as Einsteinian alchemy)

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