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Please Read Before Posting.

by Integral
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Oct31-03, 05:27 PM
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If you are seeking help with a school homework related issue please post your problem in our Homework Help Forum.

Just a heads up, we prefer that you make a solid effort and completing your problem before seeking help. We, as a general rule, will not do your homework for you.

The General Physics forum is for discussions of the current state of Physics. We do not debate the validity of Relativity or Quantum Mechanics here. If you feel that you have better ideas then those taught at your local University please post your concepts in our Theory Development Forum.

Enjoy our forums, there are many very knowledgeable posters here. If you are not sure of your knowledge, read before posting. In general you will receive better information if you post clear and complete questions. Do not assume that we are all familiar with your thoughts and terminology.


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