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Detect hazard in MIPS- repost

by brad sue
Tags: detect, hazard, mips, repost
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brad sue
Nov27-08, 09:43 PM
P: 284
hi please I would some help with the MIPS hazard.


      add $t0, $t0, $v0
      addi $v0, $v0, -1
      bnez $v0, Loop

      li $v0, 4
      la $a0, result

      li $v0, 1
      move $a0, $t0

      b main
I see an hazard at the instructions that are bolded
What I would do is take the underlined instructions and put it like this:
addi $v0, $v0, -1
la $a0, result      
bnez $v0, Loop
Do I get it right? do I miss another hazard?

thank you
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