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Difference equation

by sami_boy
Tags: difference, equation
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Feb7-09, 05:56 AM
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Hi guys

I have this difference equation.


I found the step response of the system from the homogeneous solution and it's

yh(n)=C1(0.5)n+C2n(0.5)n >>>homogeneous

h(n)=(0.5n+1)(0.5)n >>> step response

The 2nd part of the problem is I'm supposed to find the response of the system if x(n)=(0.25)nu(n) is the input and initial conditions =0.

so my question is how do I find the particular solution ( yp(n))?
I tried for yp(n)=C(0.25)n,Cn2(0.25)n, but i couldn't find the response.
I also tried to solve it with convolution but it didn't work.

So please guys i would really appreciate your help.
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