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Solve a PDE of 4order in space and 2nd order in time using Mathematica or Matlab

by quinterome
Tags: 4order, mathematica, matlab, order, solve, space, time
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Apr21-09, 12:08 AM
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I am trying to solve this problem:

[itex] EI \frac{\partial^4 w(x,t)}{\partial x^4}+\rho A\frac{\partial^2 w(x,t)}{\partial t^2}+ c \frac{\partial w(x,t)}{\partial t}+kw(x,t)=P(\delta(x-vt))[/itex]
The boundary condition are:
y=0 at x=0 (beginning of the beam)
y=0 at x=end of the beam

Initial condition
y=0 at t=0

Can somebody help me??
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