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How to get a graph of variable which depend on previous variables.

by sgvaibhav
Tags: aircraft, matlab, plot, thrust, variables
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Jun30-10, 02:02 PM
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The picture explains everything.
Only V varies from 0 to 450.
Rest variables such as (rho), S, W are constant (those can be replaced with numbers in MATLAB).

So how do i plot such a graph?
oh forgot to mention the axes.
The y axis should "Tr" and x - axis should be "V".
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Jun30-10, 02:34 PM
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Well, plug all the constant terms in the equation of Tr and leave v as an independent variable, it just seems to be ordinary algebra.
Jul1-10, 12:47 AM
P: 68
i tried that, but i could not plot....
can i get a *part* of sample script.

Jul1-10, 05:34 AM
P: 341
How to get a graph of variable which depend on previous variables.

Do you know how "for" loops work?
Jul1-10, 06:12 AM
P: 68
i recently learned for loops in C++...
i never knew if they existed in matlab....

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