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Bolt tightening method

by wahyudi.jr
Tags: bolt, method, tightening
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Jul6-10, 05:43 AM
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dear all,

in object fasteners we usually use one of the three tightening method :

1. torque method
2. rotation angle method
3. torque gradient method or yield point method

my ask is :

1. "what's the meaning of each fasteners tightening method above?"
2. what's the difference of each fasteners tightening method above?

note : especially for number 3, please give me a detailed explanation....(thanks before)

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Ranger Mike
Jul6-10, 06:13 AM
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not too sure on the gradiant method
torque method uses a torque wrench to tighten to specific torque
rotational method i assume means you take up all thread slack and use a wrench to rotate the fastener so many degrees until you make spec
i do know there is a method where as you tighten the bolt and measure it for stretch length.

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