Hyperspace engine (Heim's Quantum Theory)

by Blam
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Jul16-10, 10:44 AM
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I agree. However, an uncertainty of ~0,1 MeV is admitted, so I'm still led to the conclusion that only the first figure right to the decimal point can be considered significant. (As the mass formula has been evaluated numerically, i could imagine that these are the precise results of a formula that only approximates reality, pasted into the given tables without any further editing.)
Welcome to the cut and paste world of Microsoft Excel. Most spreadsheet applications don't do calculations based on significant figures; and even when formatted to display only significant figures, still store the number as it was calculated. So you may see 4.5, but what you cut and paste comes out as 4.4567890123 instead.

I wonder how much scientific research has been hampered by poor editing and recording skills?

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