Environmental Engineering undergrad to Nuclear Engineering grad school.

by Broke186
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Aug18-10, 04:35 PM
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I originally posted this in the Academic Advice section, but figured figured it might be more helpful to post it in the more specific subsection.

How feasible would this be? I'll be an Environmental Engineering sophomore this coming semester and was wondering how a path to Nuclear Engineering for graduate school would look like, if the path exists at all. I suppose that I could switch to Mechanical Engineering (having done most of the basic core like UP1 and 2, Cal 1, Chem1 and 2 already) since that may contain better prospects, but I really like Environmental Engineering so far. What are the prerequisites for applying to most nuclear engineering grad programs? Are there certain additional courses I can take to help meet some of these requirements(like modern physics and such?) or do most grad schools look for nuclear engineering undergraduates for consideration into their graduate programs? Thanks in advance for any help
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