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Really strong stuff...

by secocarmona
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Aug25-09, 06:42 PM
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imagine that someone wants to understand how to create a material as strong, as flexibel as...a "net to catch a butterfly" but for humans....something that could balance the energy to grab a human evolving it without harm him, in few seconds an with great differences of speed...conserving his integrity
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Aug25-09, 06:58 PM
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So who do you want to kidnap and how much is the ransom??
Aug25-09, 07:18 PM
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How about the giant inflatable landing pads that stunt-men and fire crews use to get people out of burning buildings?

- Warren

Aug25-09, 09:58 PM
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Really strong stuff...

There are 'net guns' used in certain crowd-control situations. It's essentially an M-79 grenade launcher that fires out a corner-weighted nylon (?) net. Some US police forces, and I think the National Guard, use them when necessary. I'm not sure if it's common usage, or if they're still in field trials, but I've seen them being deployed and they're quite effective.
Aug26-09, 07:28 PM
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well, i guess i put everything in "wrong words".

Basicaly what i'm trying to imagine is a ""box"" where someone may be living or just passing trough when suddenly it is hitted by a very heavy and strong object which inevitably will kill the "someone".

how shold the ""box"" react?

if it has some system active an airbag....the person must be in an exact position and the hit should have a certain angle to the active system work properly.

What i pretend to...imagine... is a "box material" capable of receiving a strong hit from any angle, absorb, transform or dissipate the energy of the impact even it costs total "disfiguration" of the original container and protect the habitant independently where it is at the moment.

i thought some material textile made with some nanotech in the "moisture".

ex. the box is hit...the interior adapts to his habitant, envolving all his body with a firm and strong shield (electrically triguered sistem based on the impact energy - creating a similar "G" suite from army pilots), the impact is so strong that the box flyes to dissipate the energy and it gets thicker to protect for the next impact...witch means it protects envolving and distributing the energies.

Anyone heard about something similar?

good dreams...
Aug26-09, 08:46 PM
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I think that you're into Science Fiction turf here; ie: it's scientifically plausible, but not possible with our current technology. The only thing that I can think of that might be close would be to have the occupant within a separate enclosure that the 'box' in turn protects.
Aug27-09, 06:51 AM
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danger, thank you for you reply!

Do you thing we can discuss the object here, or should i move to other kind of forum...or perhaps there is a place in this forum more appropriate??
Aug27-09, 11:38 AM
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That is entirely up to the Mentors. I recommend against going to some other site, since you're guaranteed of accurate responses here. (I'm one of the least educated here, but my errors are quickly corrected by the PhD folks.) Since the Mentors have not chosen to move the thread to a different sub-forum, I must assume that it's okay right here. If they do move it, you will be notified by PM and a 'moved' notice will show up in this sub-forum which redirects a reader to the new location.
Sep5-09, 09:09 AM
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How about we let the nay-sayers lie and get back to your question.

I don't have a particular material in mind, but this is an interesting question.

There are a few things to think about -

1) you refer to a "box", lets get out of the box - shape is important - think of the egg, radial dissipation of energy
2) how much energy are you talking about?
3) materials - many different thoughts here - those that: distort/change structure upon impact, materials with impact centers that convert KE to heat (i.e. viscoelastic materials), and shear sensitive materials (thixotropic) that change form (liquid to solid).

I'm new here, but not to the materials field - is there a materials thread that this might live?
Sep7-09, 03:13 AM
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Quote Quote by tekenidiver View Post
How about we let the nay-sayers lie and get back to your question.
Nay-sayer, you say? To that, I say 'nay'. (I would say 'neigh', but my horsie costume is at the cleaner's.)
Where ever did you get the idea that we were putting the lad down? We strive to investigate the basis of any question and answer it to the best of our ability. That includes asking more questions of the OP in order to more clearly define what is needed. If that is unsuitable to your approach, then you might be in the wrong place.
Sep7-09, 02:54 PM
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What about those boxes they use to protect people in the midwest if a tornado comes. Im sure you could build one strong enough to protect you from a nuclear weapon. ALso I heard that all the genetics in the world of every known species is being locked away in the antartic to preserve the genetics in such a scenario where the world is bombarded in some cataclysmic event.
Oct3-10, 11:40 AM
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tekenidiver - great contibution!

1) egg geometry i have think in it a lot! what about a geodesic basic structre?
2) donīt thing how much, just think in shape and its behavior.
3) about the material i thought a Kevlar (insisting in textile) skin with interior with mass which will absorb the energy and transform it kinetic energy witch will naturally being dissipated.

later this afternoon i will put the schema in paper and post here.
Oct3-10, 01:40 PM
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Quote Quote by secocarmona View Post
tekenidiver (...)

later this afternoon i will put the schema in paper and post here.
image below put in you imaginary a Kevlar ring with an interior mass rich in Teflon to handle the stresses...
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