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The Top Unis?

by Euphoriet
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Aug9-04, 10:16 AM
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Ok guys now I have another question:

I've found that many "top unis' require an interview to get in.... I was just wondering what to exepect for such an interview? What type of questions are you asked?.. if you apply to several other schools would they question that?
Aug10-04, 08:07 PM
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all freshman must take calc and physics, or have AP credit for it. you can probably find that info on the MIT admissions site. in high school i only had calculus, and got a 5 on the AP. make sure your background in calc is strong, though, even if you do get a 5 - you can always opt to give up the credit and take one of the calc classes there. or if you're going to major in math and think you can handle it, take analysis - average test score, around a 40.
This is similar to Georgia Tech (even Psychology majors are required to take Calculus and Physics).

If you want to get into the grad program at Tech, Tech really pushes you as if you were a math major. They require that you take, along with your physics courses, classes like Abstract Vector Spaces, Partial Differential Equations I and II, and Real Analysis and Complex Analysis.
Aug23-04, 10:09 PM
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Quote Quote by Imparcticle
I really hope they consider IB credit. I hear its a lot of work, but that makes sense. I can't get anywhere (honorably, which is something I take seriously) without working for it. Anywho, what's MIT like? (HUGE campus, I'm guessing? What do the classrooms look like??....I'm obsessed!!! )

Is there an IB version of AP tests?
Have u heard of Isaac Chuang? Last year, I did a career project on QIS. As a requirement, I had to interview a professional in the field. I, of course, went straight to the MIT website and looked at the faculty in this field. I randomly chose Isaac Chuang, and e-mailed him a couple of times. He never responded. He's a prestigious person, considering his research in QIS.

Have ever taken a QIS class?

Thanks for that great advice. How do you apply for scholarships at MIT?
sorry to dig up an old topic, but i just checked out my physics advisor assignment for the upcoming year and it's Isaac Chuang! maybe i should buy a lotto ticket.

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