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by fderingoz
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Nov6-10, 03:13 PM
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we know that [tex]\int_{|y-z|}^{y+z}D(y,z,w)\frac{w^{2m+1}}{2^m\Gamma(m+1)}dw=1
how can we calculate the integral
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Nov6-10, 08:00 PM
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just a shot in the dark, but maybe integration by parts. if you can somehow make the first part of that integral disappear, you can finish it off.
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Nov15-10, 06:05 AM
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integration by parts would be a method to use but the problem would be integrating the (1+2^kw)^a part but if you choose u(x) and v(x) appropriately you will solve the problem since you already know that the first integral with the same limits does equal 1.

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