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Calibration factor of Optical BPF

by vinoptic
Tags: calibration, factor, optical
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Jan4-11, 11:16 PM
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Hello all

I have been working on a Raman OTDR setup over the past few months as part of my project work. I have been using an optical BPF which takes backscatter from the fiber under test as input and gives the stokes' and anti-stokes' spectrum as outputs. My guide asked me to calculate the "calibration factor" for the BPF so as to accurately draw up the temperature map of the fiber,which is the ratio of the AS/S spectrum.

To calculate the cal. factor, I passed light from a broadband source (LED) to the input of the BPF and measured the spectrum at the Stokes' and Anti-stokes' spectrum at the output. I would like to know if

1) Is this is the right method to get to the cal factor?
2) How to get to the calibration factor from the data in hand?

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