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Finding the resultant vector

by ryant14
Tags: vector, vector addition
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Jan27-11, 09:22 PM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
In the figure below shows the path taken by a drunk skunk over a level ground, from initial point i to final point f. The angles are θ1 = 30, θ2 = 50, and θ3= 80, and the distance are d1 = 5.00 m, d2 = 8.00 m, and d3 = 12.0 m. What are the (a) magnitude and (b) angle of the skunk’s displacement from i to f?

2. Relevant equations
Using basic trigonometric functions, soh cah toa
Let X and Y stands for the summation of x and y.
Resultant vector = (X2 + Y2)1/2
Let * stands for the resultant vector angle, then * = tan-1 = Y / X
3. The attempt at a solution

I have obtained the x and y component for d1. Finding x = (5.00 m)cos30 = 4.33 m and for y, (5.00m)(sin30) = 2.5 m. However, I'm having the difficulty to find the other x and y components of d2 and d3 because they aren't parallel to x and y axis respectively.

For example, d2 is diagonal and I can't simply do (8.00 m)(cos 50) to find the x component because d2 is not parallel to x axis. Hence, connecting d1 and d2 will not form a right triangle which is necessary to find the x and y components using soh cah toa..

Please give me an idea how to solve this..

Thank you..

PS. If the image link above doesn't work, pls. see the copy of this question in the attached file herein..
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