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College Isn't For Everyone

by ZapperZ
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Feb11-11, 09:39 PM
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I've never seen anyone derive a new field theory based off of wikipedia.
even the best college trained physicists can't do that. How many field theories are there versus the number of theoretical physicists?

Creativity can't be taught and it isn't found in the classrooms.
College classes & Wikipedia may give you the framework but the rest is up to you
Feb11-11, 10:56 PM
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Now that you mention wikipedia, it's a wonderful example of how technology can improve academic scholarship. People that criticize wikipedia for being "unscholarly" often don't understand how academic scholarship works.

For example, if I write a paper for Astrophysical Journal, I have to spend three to six months preparing the article. A lot of it involves going through and making sure each sentence and each fact is correct, and I have to invest a lot of time because I'm signing my name to the paper, and if I say 2+2=5, then I'm going to look like an idiot.

For wikipedia, because it's fast, I can spend ten minutes and fix some paragraph on general relativity that seems off, and because I don't have to sign my real name, if it turns out to be wrong, it's not a bit deal, and I've learned something.

When people see the libraries and journals, they are seeing the end product. They don't see the conversation in a hotel bar that led up to the idea.

Creativity can't be taught and it isn't found in the classrooms.
Creativity can be taught and it can be taught in classrooms. There are reasons (and some very good reasons) why creativity *isn't* emphasized in most college classrooms, but that doesn't mean that it *can't* be. Teaching creativity tends to be expensive, and sometimes it's not important.

Classrooms in general are geared toward teaching conformity since that is often more important than creativity.

College classes & Wikipedia may give you the framework but the rest is up to you
No it's not. A lot of it is up to people that you've never met that are making decisions about your life. The illusion that you have more control over your life than you really do, is one way that people with power keep their power. You think you have control over your life, but in fact, someone else does, and more likely than not, the person that actually does control your life has a college degree, and probably a degree from Harvard or Yale.

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