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Ideas for Dissertation, Academics Vs Public

by alex_boothby
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Feb21-11, 03:19 PM
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I need to come up with a proposal for dissertation, was hoping you guys could help!

Im doing an Environmental science degree (BSc).

I'll give you a rought idea of what im interested in and the field in which i wuld like to carry it out in. Im going to just put down somew of my points in a brainstorm style!

The ultimate thing i want from is, is some sort of hypothsis to anser for my diseration of research question.

The main thing of what i would like to do is Public vs Academics.

I would like to structure it around Climate change /or/and general sustainability.

Im very intereseted in the transference of academic research into practical public society.

In the sense of Climate change, im intereseted in why the academic world has general acceptance that it is happening and is an issue, yet infiltration into the public world of academic research has merly scratched the surface.

Media---> are they a help or hinderance? are the media a good medium of academic to public knowlwdge transference?

Is the Threat of climate change understood? ---->either if it is Nautural or anthropgenic? is it the responsibilty of academics to make there research impact the public world?

Which sources do/should the public trust? ----> do they need accsess to academic research? would it benefit?
Would the public trust scientific knowledge more if academic got more behind the publication of their research?

Why is it that once an academic has written a jornal or other likewise report that that seems to be the end of it and they move onto other work? no further pursuit is carried out to make sure their work has an impact. Is it beacuse they jsut dont care? or worried of consequences of purseing ther work?

The misonconceptions of climate change---> is it due to barriers of knowledge or lack of trust in the scientific community and if so, should academics be tryiong to resolve this?

thats all the ideas i sort of have but am struggling to condense them into a dissertation proposal!

I was planning to collect data in the form of questionares which i would sitrubute to academics at university and to the public (two sets for both catagories)

Sorry for the length but hope you can help!!!!!

Cheers, Alex
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