Mathcad: forms of values do not match?

by markus.sparti
Tags: differential, equation, mathcad, matlab
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Feb24-11, 02:43 PM
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I am looking for any help I can get, I have been working on this for hours and cannot figure it out. Should I include more info in my post?

I am getting an error stating:

The forms of these values must match
This value has the form: Unitless
but others have the form: f(any1, [unitless]) => [unitless]

when I assign a value to 'num'

I am new to Mathcad and I am not sure what this error is trying to tell me. I have tried changing the value of 'num' but I am still getting the error, any ideas?

Here is what I'm working with:

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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