What are Superstrings made of?

by Zdenka
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Mar2-09, 12:24 PM
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I would also point out that, you never asked "what are electrons made of?" For some reason, a fundamental pointlike object presents much less of a conceptual issue than a fundamental extended object, even for myself :)
No, with pointlike objects people have another sort ofproblems :)

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As I understand it, an electron is a "point particle", and has no volume, ie, it occupies no space. there is no "thing" there - the "particle" is really nothing more than an expression of the EM(?) field. is that correct?
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Mar2-09, 12:29 PM
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The more I read such threads the more I see that Max Tegmark is right.
TOE should be a blah-blah-free theory. Only equations.
Call them points, strings, branes, either, whatever.
Just solve the equations and see how our world (and observers) emerge from them.
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Apr12-11, 12:29 AM
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If superstrings exist then how do mathematical epuations show then are "nothing"
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Apr12-11, 12:38 AM
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Why don't you buy one and find out? Then let us know.


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