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Supernova Research

by Astronuc
Tags: research, supernova
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Jun11-11, 06:12 PM
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New type of supernova outshines the rest
Quote Quote by IoP
A new type of supernova that shines up to 10 times brighter than any previously recorded has been discovered by an international team of astronomers. However, the team has yet to explain the exact mechanism that drives this new type of exploding star, with existing models failing to reproduce the radiation emanating from this new class of violent events.

The research is published in Nature 10.1038/nature10095. - Luminous supernova talk (Nov 10, 2010) - prior discovery

Meanwhile -
A. Mezzacappa - Status of Neutrino Driven Explosions (9.3 MB, use save target as)
Phys.Org News Partner Astronomy news on
Thermonuclear X-ray bursts on neutron stars set speed record
How can we find tiny particles in exoplanet atmospheres?
Spitzer telescope witnesses asteroid smashup
Jun12-11, 01:19 AM
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Wow, interesting stuff!
Jun12-11, 02:19 PM
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Rubina Kotak was quoted in the PhysicsWorld article. Here is an article by her and a team.

Dust and the type II-plateau supernova 2004et

and a paper related to 2004et

High mass of the type IIP supernova 2004et inferred from hydrodynamic modeling

Supernova studies at QUB

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