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Engineering Grad School with Physics Intended

by kitaewolf
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Jul29-11, 05:55 PM
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Hello, I'm an undergraduate in UC Berkeley who's considering going to an engineering graduate school. The problem is that I'm intending for a physics major. According to different sources, the fact that I'm majoring in physics itself isn't too much of a problem for getting accepted to the graduate school program.

My question, (rather like a concern), is on the admission criteria for engineering graduate program. Since I'd apply with physics degree rather than engineering degree, would there be a kind of different treatment by the graduate admission office? I'm more worried about whether there will be a preferential treatment for engineering bachelor's than physics degree.

Also, while I was reading some admission criteria for some engineering schools, they require other engineering majors like physics to take extra engineering courses after admitted to the graduate program. Would this requirement affect badly towards students with physics degree? If it does, would taking the required courses before applying help my chances?

Finally, how does the engineering school look at GPAs from different majors in general? Is physics GPA considered more harshly than GPA of a person graduated from engineering degree, considering that both applicants fulfilled the courses and other requirements by the program?

I know these are a lot of questions, but I'd love to hear responses from a part of my questions. thanks!
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