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Verifying solutions with partial derivatives.

by jackalope1234
Tags: derivatives, partial, solutions, verifying
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Sep20-11, 05:27 PM
P: 9
I have no idea how to do these two questions. I know you have to take partial derivatives with respect to certain variables and the like. Basically I understand the concepts to some degree but I wouldn't know how to go about starting. If anyone can give me a starting push that is all I really need I don't want the answer.

This is the assignment page if there are troubles accessing it let me know. It is questions 3 c) and d).

After talking with one of my peers He basically just told me to simply everything that wasn't of concern for me in the equation and treat them like constants. This is what I had originally assumed. If anyone can confirm this please let me know.

EDIT: AHAHAHAHA that was so ridiculously easy once its simplified. Carry on good sirs and this thread shall be closed. :D
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