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Virtual Chem Lab

by plutoisacomet
Tags: chem, virtual
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Nov29-08, 05:45 AM
P: 91
Hey guys, does anyone have a strong link for a Virtual Chem Lab for General Chemistry labs? It can be online or downloadable.

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Dec5-08, 11:29 AM
P: 33
Try this link:

Click the download link on the left panel of the website. It's a very cool and FREE application.
Hope this helps.
Dec13-08, 02:01 PM
P: 91
Thank you very much.

Dec20-08, 10:06 PM
P: 33
Virtual Chem Lab

Quote Quote by plutoisacomet View Post
Thank you very much.
You're welcome!
Apr2-09, 06:59 AM
P: 10
thanks for this too
Oct3-11, 01:32 PM
P: 21
is there anything like this for organic chem labs?

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