Limits cont (x-2/x-3) = 1 + 1/(x-3)

by beartopper
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Oct8-11, 10:53 PM
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Thank you to those who replied to my previous post(I had a problem repling on that post). What I was after was a formal definition
as in
I have the algebraic definition of division as a/b = a * 1/b. Division being defined as multiplication by the reciprocal.
I know that when I get to intergration, I will have to resolve the following. I wish to identify the full dynamic Zeta function as being the product of the Geometric Zeta and the Diffractive. The geometric should be obtainable from the elliptic.In as much as I have a outside double helix(electromagnetic) inside a spiral(low frequency amplification). The spiral if taken to be Ulam, has vertical and horizontal lines as being Non Prime.I know there is a correlation between Energy levels, primes and element nuclei with the Zeta function. Higher elements have increasing diffraction, the distribution of the primes also increases. So if I take say Platinium I should have two different rates of change. Or intervals in the case of Intergration. As this process includes, molecular dissasociation there are Partial charges, ie the sum of the charges is greater than whole. So, simplistically, I need limits like (x-2/x-3) = 1 + 1/(x-3) as the prime correlations are products. Of course, I could take Eulers spiral in which case, I would have Cubics intersecting and something like the squeeze theorem Method of images(electromagnetic) and Spiral (Euler Triconi). and the limit as above is >=1, I still have to identify the diffractive, which seems to be Harmonic, and I think I will run into Ramfied Primes and cubic reciprocy. I would still have the same requirement of the division as in limits.
My fluency to deal creativly with this advanced maths require revising. So I have gone back to basics to identify what should be a simple process. It would be great to identify this type of division as I will need to set limits with this process when I start Intergrating
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