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What do 'nerdy' guys like in girls?

by MissSilvy
Tags: girls, guys, nerdy
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Dec21-11, 05:18 AM
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I have also graduated from a Science High School. As I seen how my nerdy boy classmates chose, they also opt for women that have the same intelligence as theirs.
Dec21-11, 11:08 PM
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I'm a girl, so take this with a grain of salt.
I've dated nerds before, but their shyness and awkwardness with girls goes from cute and endearing to f****** exhausting.
then I met my love, the biggest dork the world has ever seen. after dying inside little by little from being "just friends" I DECIDED to get over my I'm-not-smart-enough-for-him complex and grow a pair; I looked at him dead in the eye and said "I want u so bad I can't take it anymore. I want a kiss from u and then I wanna find out what ur hands can do. I'm f****** inlove with u". it went VERY well and we've been together and crazy inlove since.
so I can't agree more with everyone who has said before me to approach him. as always in these situations, just be honest about ur feelings and relaxed about it.
sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker.
hope this helps! cheers everyone!
Dec22-11, 12:07 AM
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uy! forgot a tip!
I have noticed that men in general, science dorks in particular and don't get me started on engineers, work better in binary. so when flirting or asking them out, ask questions so that they can only answer YES or NO. otherwise they get nervous and babble. cute little things haha. better yet, just state instead of asking, something like "hi! I wanna take u out, show u a good time! I wanna hear all about what interests u".
nobody takes friendliness in a bad way.
Dec22-11, 08:07 AM
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ihatesnakes, a review of the PF rules might be in order:

In the interest of conveying ideas as clearly as possible, posts are required to show reasonable attention to written English communication standards. This includes the use of proper grammatical structure, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. SMS messaging shorthand, such as using "u" for "you", is not acceptable.

Foul or hostile language will not be tolerated on Physics Forums. This includes profanity, obscenity, or obvious indecent language

Yeah, we take em seriously.
Dec22-11, 07:41 PM
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First I'm don't consider my self Nerdy, but actually i have liked this post...

There may be some extremist posts on what "nerdy" guys want in girls, particularly focusing to quality that girl have to be
atheist or at least agnostic
Well, I do not agree that this quality conflicts with intelligence, simple because not all religions/philosophies have same concept of "GOD"... probably most of east Asian communities have different view of "GOD" than Cristian/Muslim/Jews definition and possible more "science friendly", research Hinduism or Buddhism if you have interest.

I will extend little this and go back to original topic: see "GOD" as variable, if you exclude it from daily life, probably every one will be cheater, lier or bully. You may see it incompatible but it is necessary to maintain some balance in society... without some kind of discipline why i would not lie to someone for my own benefits?!

It just happens that money, also invented by man, have similar effect... just remembered something funny, imagine the day we will have some device that corrects our genetic code or our cells, and most research done in medicine will be dead then, the knowledge that doctors had will not serve then, it just how some Artificial intelligence may replace our thinking capabilities...

Back on topic:
Nerdy people like understating girls, who understand how important is to view a comet passing by every 500 years, rather than going shopping for Gucci handbag in some shop promotion.

Nerdy people like when girls that have some interest of their area of knowledge, if you ask how big is Cannis Majoris, he will explain with passion.

Nerdy people like girls who will not make fun of them, of make them fell embarrassed in front of others.

Nerdy people like girls who can express themselves clear, and logical.

Nerdy people may like girls who dress simple or elegant rather than too sexy (this one is subjective).

Usually nerdy people don't like to use insults when communicating... so try not use, f*** or s*** words.

Usually nerdy people take relationships very serious, therefore they may not like girls who prefer short term relationships.

Nerdy people like girls who have some kind of vision of their future, like having scientific project or research.

Nerdy people don't like girls who only are there to have fun and no interest at all to learn or obtain knowledge, they prefer type who are "hungry for knowledge".

Nerdy people don't like girls that call them nerdy, it alienates them.

I personally like girls with long black hair
Dec23-11, 02:06 PM
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Quote Quote by ihatesnakes View Post
"I want u so bad I can't take it anymore. I want a kiss from u and then I wanna find out what ur hands can do. I'm f****** inlove with u". it went VERY well and we've been together and crazy inlove since.
*faints* I think my pair is very small because I cannot imagine myself doing this. -_- I've had some crushes before but the thought of doing this makes me feel like drinking a spoon of castor oil. Maybe this is why nerdy guys usually hook up with non nerdy girls
Dec23-11, 03:42 PM
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Quote Quote by ihatesnakes View Post
I have noticed that men in general, science dorks in particular and don't get me started on engineers, work better in binary. so when flirting or asking them out, ask questions so that they can only answer YES or NO.
that is probably true in my case. when asked an opened ended question,
I don't want to give a short straight answer because some people find that cold and indifferent.
I don't want to drag out my answer for too long because some people can be very impatient.
I also have to find the middle ground quickly or some people think I don't feel like talking to them.
Dec23-11, 03:44 PM
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Quote Quote by wukunlin View Post
that is probably true in my case. when asked an opened ended question,
I don't want to give a short straight answer because some people find that cold and indifferent.
I don't want to drag out my answer for too long because some people can be very impatient.
I also have to find the middle ground quickly or some people think I don't feel like talking to them.
The trick is to answer in such a way as to engage the other person. Answer in a way that encourages them to talk as well. That way you have a dialogue.
Dec30-11, 05:05 PM
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hey ihatesnakes I might try out the Binary theory. I'm female and a planetary science graduate but also a musician. I really like this guy who's also into Physics, I do find it hot in a guy!. I am hungry for science knowledge and I do get excited when talking about Physics, Astronomy etc. so I guess I'm looking for good conversation.
Jan1-12, 07:31 PM
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Loess: do you have black long hair? i want be in line too... joking!

Yes, you definitely should engage in conversation, and i believe it will be easy for you since you have interest on his area of knowledge.

Remember all us are different in some way, and since you are musician, best first to know what type of music he likes, and not try to enforce your type of music but create atmosphere where he create interest on it.

By the way: happy new year to all
Jan2-12, 12:31 AM
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Finally found time to read this thread aloud to several family members including a former nerd married to a former nerdette. When they finish drying the tears of laughter from their eyes I'll share some of their comments.

Nerdy guys really like hot women but not overtly hot - understated hot. The type you can sit down with and discuss quantum theory when you both know that there are other things you'd much rather be doing. A nerdy guy is confident of his intellect but not in his ability to attract a drop dead gorgeous girl so a girl looking for a date with a nerdy guy doesn't need to kill herself to look fantastic and hot because nerds are not stupid and will probably figure that the really gorgeous girl has an ulterior motive for wanting to go out with them so 8 out of 10 on the good looking scale is fine. You can always bump up your appearance later when you know each other better. Think of the pleasant surprise when the nerdy guy you're going out with on a regular basis suddenly sees you at your hot (no not suggestively hot) - and gorgeous best for some very special occasion.

Nerdy guys really like a girl who will talk to them and show interest in them. They aren't that hard to get a date with unless you are a real "woofer" to quote our resident nerd guy. The nerdette says the secret is to find a current nerd who is in the process of evolving into a really hot guy but has no clue women find him attractive since they never did before. She says when you find one of these, grab him and carry a big stick to run off the other girls trying to grab him.

Nerd hunting girls also need to make sure the nerd they have targeted is not one who has to feed his own ego by dating someone he thinks is not as intelligent as he is. These are not worth your time. A true nerd is really turned on by an intelligent, fun, confident woman who lets him know just how much she appreciates him for what he is and for what he can become. There is nothing more flattering that having a person REALLY listen to you, pay attention to what you say and truly enjoy your company. This is important to all guys but more so for nerds because they don't get a lot of female hero worship during their younger years. But be careful initially, take things slowly and make sure you really really like the guy before he falls for you

Happy nerd hunting.
Jan4-12, 05:21 AM
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Thanks for the feedback netgypsy and hindus. It's kind of hit and miss with this guy. I think I'm going to go on the theory that he knows where I am and if he wants me he just has to let me know.
Jan7-12, 08:59 AM
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Hey well things did develop with the guy, they did for one night only, he couldn't get enough of me and then dropped me like a hot potato. It all happened too quickly. Unfortunately this guy has a high traditional intelligence but is somewhat lacking in emotional intelligence. Its strange how intelligence can be strongly skewed to one side.
Jan7-12, 09:46 AM
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Better that he do it that quickly than string you on. Remember the warning about nerdy guys who have to constantly feed their ego? Sounds like you found one. The chase is fun and once caught, no more chase, no fun. This is not a guy you want to waste time on.

Also a bit higher number than average of the very intelligent don't think they have to play by the rules if they don't deem the rules reasonable so watch out for this type also.

Real men, nerdy or not, know that women are human and showing respect and interest in any person is what you do when you care. I'm still gagging over Stephen Hawkings comments about women. If you read the replies you will see that many many men know exactly what a woman wants, that it isn't "rocket science" to expect respect and genuine interest, and that men who want a partnership with a woman will have no problems finding one who will have his back forever, if so desired.

Nerdy guys/girls who want something to worship need to find a religion. If they want a really fun partner, companion and all the benefits that go with it, find a smart, funny, hot, kind, strong woman/man. Someone who knows your potential even when you don't. The journey's too short to spend it with someone not worthy of you.
Jan7-12, 10:57 AM
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Thanks netgypsy, your response is much appreciated. It's funny I liked him initially because he was geeky and I thought he might be pretty useless with women. i kind of thought it was sweet and endearing and he might appreciate me. You are completely right if he doesn't recognise my potential he's not worth knowing. He was a bit 'old before his time' and a bit negative anyway haha, his loss. Thanks again!
Jan7-12, 11:00 AM
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Sometime what you see IS what you get - useless with women hahaha
Jan10-12, 04:40 PM
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This topic is polluted by a monogamistic bias... Nerds are very romantic...
They spend too much time on rationalizations... Love is so mysterious that we could be engaged in very unprobable relations... You can love something in a girl and quite the opposite in another at the same time...
I don't know if it's wise or crazy but I love everything in women... I have no criticism at all about them and no preference of any kind... The only thing to save in mankind... The crux is the fragile alchemy you can achieve with your girl (or girls ), not her hypothetical nature...
Jan10-12, 08:39 PM
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you sound like you are interested in many things Loess, so like you said: his loss! you have a great attitude, good for you.

fiiine Dave, I wonít cuss, sorry about that. I spend too much time with fishermen and sailors. I didnít insult or direct the cussing at anyone though, and some people on this thread have been pretty mean talking about others. oh wait! they used big educated words so itís alright. and about sexual words being obscene, I donít quite get that. I will however comply with the PF rules and I apologize again. specially for the spelling cause I have to admit, I hadn't read the rules.

anyways, I asked my dork of a boyfriend the question of the thread, but our conversation got cut off so more will follow. so far hereís his input, for all you girls who, like me, have a thing for nerds:

HIM: intelligence

ME: please sir, do elaborate

HIM: wellÖI was once at a friendís birthday and someone introduced me to a very cute girl. she was sweet, polite, had a mastersíÖ

ME: hey! I donít have a mastersí. If thatís a requisite for you, how come I got a free pass?

HIM: shhh. be quiet woman! do you want me to tell you the story or not?

ME: zzzip

HIM: we spent all day talking, and I was crushing on her more and more, trying my hardest to work up the courage to ask her on a date. but then we got on the subject of the differences between grad school and undergrad and I mentioned my home state, and she said ďoh! yeah, Iíve heard of it. where is it exactly?Ē. needless to say I lost all interest in her the next second, cause I canít date a girl with a mastersí who canít find every single state of the U.S. on a map. I would always be thinking sheís a moron. thatís what I mean by intelligent: being well-rounded according to the resources you have, someone who can hold a conversation on a large array of topics, etc.

ME: what else?

HIM: physical attractiveness

ME: duh!

HIM: Iíve always had a thing for dark curly hair. other than that, the usual; not too fat, not too skinny

ME: describe your ideal beautiful woman

HIM: a cross between Shakira and Ariel, from the little mermaid. with the personality of Lisa Simpson

ME: geez, every guy I grew up with still has a crush on Ariel too

HIM: that was one awesome seashell bra. sheís the princess Leia of our generation

ME: keep going, but be specific. think also of things your friends have said, since theyíre all nerdy as well

HIM: Iíll tell you what I, and I imagine guys like me would say too, donít like in girls: makeup, rudeness, loudness, obnoxiousness. I could not date a religious girl cause Iím an atheist and I would be thinking in the back of my head she might as well be a tarot card reader. I CAN NOT deal with high maintenance personalities, material or emotional. shy girls catch my attention.

ME: oye! so let me get this straight: I only have an undergrad in biology. I have black curly hair, but your ideal woman does not. I wear makeup if I go dancing, Iím loud, always high on coffee so Iím sure Iím obnoxious all day, I canít shake off the catholic thing cause itís been drilled into my head. and about shyness, do you remember how I proclaimed my love for you???(thatís on a post a while back)

HIM: do you remember how I reacted???

ME: yes. You stared blankly at me and continued talking about your paper

HIM: yeah, cause it was impertinent and awkward

ME: I still donít get that concept, awkward. thereís no word for it in spanish. but anyway, what the hell do you like about me then? why are you with me?

HIM: Iím a physics PhD student! Iíve been doing experiments since I was a kid!

yes jaja, I fell off my chair dying laughing

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