Help with Power Curves for Steady Level Flight

by Massiveattack
Tags: curves, flight, power, steady
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Dec30-11, 05:22 PM
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Hello all, first time poster here so please go easy :)

I have to create a set of Power curves (Power Required and Power Available vs. Velocity) for a propeller-driven Ryan Navion A aircraft at intervals of 1000m.

My question to you is this, due to the fact that the aircraft is in steady level flight will the Power AVAILABLE curve simply be a flat line at:

where η=propeller efficiency (0.8)
and P=engine power variation with altitude

... or is it more complicated than this? When I think about it i'd assume that the power available would vary slightly with velocity but I am just not so sure. Any corrections/help/advice would be appreciated!

Happy New Year.
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Jan2-12, 05:43 PM
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Thanks guys, really helpful

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