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Discovery Channel project - casting call

by nickwatson
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Jan11-12, 05:48 AM
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Renegade Pictures, a UK based television production company, are currently casting for a new Discovery science and engineering series and are looking for new talent.

We specifically need engineers who physically make things day to day, rather than work primarily on a PC. Ideally we want mechanical engineers, fabricators, prototype studio staff, folk used to Ďone offsí who can think on their feet.

Like Mythbusters or Junkyard Wars, this is a slice of science and engineering education by stealth, so we need outgoing communicators - people who can get across in laymanís terms what theyíre doing and why.

The show premise is prototyping solutions to real world problems. Two teams approach the challenge and trial their solutions over the hour - it could be a safer way to stop joyriders, a better bear proof bin, or a theft proof bike. Itís not necessarily about a brand new, never seen before product Ė thatís not very realistic on TV time and money; itís more about the journeyÖ

We want people at home to learn how hydraulics work, what radiant heat is, or why sharks dislike strong magnets, to see trials and tribulations in action. I am very, very keen to steer away from the Smash Lab approach to engineering TV ie. Ďletís blow it upí and want my hosts respected by the audience for their skillset, rather than just looks.

We plan to film mostly in the USA from late summer, but there will likely be some worldwide travel.

We are very much looking for hosts who use their hands every day. Thatís important, because while I know plenty of smart engineers who design chips for Autonomy, or who are brilliant at SolidWorks or C++, that kind of desk based engineering isnít very visual and doesnít work for TV.

At this early stage, itís simply about putting faces before Discovery to see who they like. If you want to know more please email:


We are very short of female and minority candidates, a fact which reflects the industries we are targeting; please do pass this post on to those who may be interested. Apologies for hijacking the forum for an advert.

Thanks for reading.

Nick Watson / Renegade Pictures
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