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Polariations vectors

by Lapidus
Tags: polariations, vectors
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Jan28-12, 08:33 AM
P: 283
In QFT, for the massive vector particles we have in the rest frame the following polarization vectors.


where a = 1,2,3 with

[itex]\epsilon^{1}_{\mu}[/itex] = (0,1,0,0)
[itex]\epsilon^{2}_{\mu}[/itex] = (0,0,1,0)
[itex]\epsilon^{3}_{\mu}[/itex] = (0,0,0,1)

I do not understand the indices, a and [itex]\mu[/itex] and how the relate? What would [itex]\epsilon^{1}_{1}[/itex] be in the given rest frame? What happens when the frame is boosted?

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