Building the Paper Tower

by Endorser
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Feb26-12, 04:20 AM
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As part of an assignment, I have been asked to construct a tower that is completely made of paper and sticky tape. This tower must be built with 4 specifications:

1. Must be built of nothing but paper and tape no cutting devices, glue, ect ect.
2. Must be built within 5 minutes.
3. Must be able to hold 1 L of water on the top for more than 1 minute.
4. Must be 1.5m tall.

I have tried a range of difference shapes and designs but they all take too long or are too flimsy.

All assistance is welcome!

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Feb26-12, 05:39 AM
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What have you tried?
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Feb26-12, 05:43 AM
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I have seen trucks going by carrying 3 huge rolls of newsprint, each much longer than 1.5m. Maybe a shortened one of these, standing on end, will do the job? No glue or sticky tape needed.

Is there a limit to the dimensions of the sheet of paper?

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