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Deriving the Gaussian density probability equation

by CuriousQuazim
Tags: density function, gaussian
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Feb29-12, 08:39 AM
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Hey ^^, new here but I already have a question haha

Does anyone here know how the coefficient (x-μ)^2 was derived in the following equation:


I know the general equation for density probability is (1/σ)*exp((x-μ)^2)/(2σ^2))
but in this case I can't quite see how the coefficient came about... any help?

Thanks in advance!
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Feb29-12, 01:17 PM
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Your expression looks wrong to me. Could you check it for accuracy?
Feb29-12, 04:20 PM
Sci Advisor
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It looks like it should be σ2. The expression is essentially the definition of the variance, the second moment of the distribution centered at the mean.

Mar1-12, 04:46 AM
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Deriving the Gaussian density probability equation

Oh I'm sorry that was an error on my part, it is indeed σ^2


Ah thank you so much mathman ^^, that's what I was looking for! I'm studying engineering so sometimes they just throw mathematical equations at us with no explanation _.

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