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Emulators on lower powered spartphones - PSX4droid

by Cosmo Novice
Tags: emulators, powered, psx4droid, spartphones
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Cosmo Novice
Feb14-12, 06:42 AM
P: 366
Hey all,

I have quite a low end smartphone - a Samsung GT-i5500 running android OS. For the cost in the Uk 40+15 topup required, this phone is great value for money.

I am currently running Gameboid, GBCoid emulators and am considering psx4droid, while I know this has been withdrawn I do have an old copy on a file server somewhere. Does anyone know the rough system requirements for psx4droid? Tried looking online but results coming up dry.

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Greg Bernhardt
Mar1-12, 02:25 PM
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P: 9,709
I can't find anything either. What's the worst the can happen? Try it :)

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