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Formula for grid count

by sirchick
Tags: formula, grid
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Mar8-12, 07:50 PM
P: 52

I'm making a small indie game project but have hit a bit of a road block.

My maths is not great and until now i been doing fine but have got stuck.

I'm trying to calculate how many tiles fit within an area in an isometric angle - so that no empty spaces are left.

Lets say the area is:

Width : 1200
height : 600

The isometric tiles are:
width: 64
height: 32

Now I first tried:
(area width / tile width) * (area height / tile height)

But that doesn't work because it means each 4 corners are empty spaces. Which means this is not the "maximum" amount of tiles... so does any one know the formula to working it out ?
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