Make a career section,for those who have trouble identifying the course they'l pursue

by mutineer123
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Mar13-12, 08:44 AM
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I want to be a neurologist in India. However it is horribly difficult to analyse all the courses involved and degrees needed to practise, through the net. It is frankly because there is hardly anybody with the correct knowledge and those with the knowledge hardly reply. I just want a basic blue print of the things I should do, the degrees I should get, the years I need to study(like 4 years for undergraduate then 4 years for specialization and then 2-3 years residency etc).
I was wondering with the dense roots of knowledge surrounding these forums, its not hard to guess that many of the people who answer may actually be working in the field, like perhaps an actual neurologist can be a part of the forum without me knowing! And the information I could get from him would be immensely helpful!
This I like to believe is not just my problem, but almost every student pursuing higher studies as they would like to get the basic lay out of the courses they would need in order to pursue their careers.
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Mar13-12, 08:55 AM
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We do have a Career Guidance forum.

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