Spiked Math: The Math Genie

by Greg Bernhardt
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Greg Bernhardt
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Apr4-12, 06:20 PM
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It's your turn now!

1. Name a wish.
2. Describe how the "Math Genie" will grant that wish!

Who ever comes up with the most clever Math Genie wish & response will win an email from Mike saying "Congrats!" (Note: The email may be traded in for one creepy hug instead).

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Apr5-12, 01:50 AM
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Apr5-12, 11:06 PM
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Apr6-12, 02:22 AM
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Spiked Math: The Math Genie

Now, that was funny.
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Apr6-12, 08:14 AM
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Apr6-12, 08:40 PM
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Nice one QuarkCharmer!!

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