Graviton Graviton Scattering

by dpa
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Apr9-12, 09:46 PM
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Hi Everyone,

I read in some paper about the significance of Graviton-Graviton Scattering as a theoretical tool in Quantum Theory of Gravity. Would someone bother to explain in detail what phenomena it is and how it is useful in Quantum Theory of Gravity.

And I might not have put the question accurately, you see.

Thank You.
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Apr10-12, 01:12 AM
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What paper is that?
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Apr10-12, 01:31 AM
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Ah! The paper is just age old which I dont know, I just stumbled upon while searching about what graviton-graviton scattering is.
It might not have been important one, but here it is:

Infrared behavior of graviton-graviton scattering
John F. Donoghue1 and Tibor Torma2
arXiv:hep-th/9901156v1 dated: 28 Jan 1999
I repeat, I might not have accurately paraphrased.

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