What do 'nerdy' guys like in girls?

by MissSilvy
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Jan12-12, 04:51 AM
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I don't remember, but he says he also asked me if I label my axes at one point, and I responded something like "yes I do. I can be pretty stupid when it comes to graphs, so labeling the axes conforts me since it's the easiest part about plotting".

he says I ended up passing his test not so much for answering yes, but because I didn't seem to find his random question weird. this is a guy who is a stereotypical nerd when it comes to girls, so he's a bit paranoid about women finding him weird. once again, just being relaxed will do wonders.

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Jan12-12, 08:35 AM
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You posted the image correctly; there is a spurious forward slash in the actual URL, preventing the image from showing.

Here is the URL to the comic page, where you can pick up the obligatory rollover text:

And if you labeled your axes, I could tell exactly how MUCH better.
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Jan12-12, 08:51 AM
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thanks Dave, you lifesaver you
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Jan12-12, 06:34 PM
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Jan18-12, 01:24 AM
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I doubt it can be safely generalized. Personally I am kind of vain and want someone who is beautiful.
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Jan18-12, 10:02 AM
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You're right and wrong about the generalizations. Each guy/girl has different taste in what is attractive. But there are generalities that hold true for all relationships. Anyone can be beautiful/good looking. (Stupid is forever.) The alarm bells ring when a guy or girl knows that their SO appreciates good looks a lot yet they still go around looking like a bum all the time, anywhere and everywhere.

Most of my nerdy male friends prefer hot over beautiful.
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Jan23-12, 10:08 AM
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This thread made my day, and killed time while I was sitting my my gen Ed classs (waste of time). For me although I like girls who I can spend time with and hold a good conversation or in general have a good time. The girl may be hot but if there's nothing in her head, I won't be able to stand her for a very long time which translate over to a few seconds.
Jan23-12, 11:38 AM
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I agree with Shaikhob that the person needs to have something in their head. People have different types of intelligence, some may have not done the 'time' working towards a degree, masters etc. I hope I'm not defined just by my qualifications. My ex boyfriend going back some years is an accomplished musician in two instruments, he doesn't have a degree . I respect him for his talents, hard work and his potential. I'm signing up for an astrophysics masters this year. I'm not sure he understands why I love planetary sciences but I think he still respected me for my hard work.
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Jan23-12, 11:40 AM
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And generally nerdy guys find smart girls hot.
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Jan23-12, 01:17 PM
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Planetary science. O.o sounds like so much fun.

My problems is that most girls I like I end up being friends with, only problem is that I never have the courage to tell them I like them or wanna ruin the relationship >.<
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Jan23-12, 01:28 PM
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If the girl likes you in return there will be different body language, type of smile, and she'll laugh at nearly anything you say - dumb or not. Just look for the cues and when you see them, ask her to go grab a burger, coffee, tea, picnic, whatever you already know she likes. So she turns you down. Guys get turned down. Be "clean", smell good, be friendly, stay fit and trim, deal with acne missing teeth if you have them, it takes work to be attractive but anyone can do it. Yes if you have a wart on the end of your nose you get taken off. Look in the mirror and fix what you don't like. You don't have to look like a body builder but it doesn't hurt at all to be fit. If you smoke, stop. Don't chew tobacco. It's not even attractive in baseball players and cowboys. Healthy is attractive and smart is even more attractive. NERDS RULE! (You've heard the old saying to high school kids - BE NICE TO NERDS - you'll probably work for one someday)
Feb25-12, 01:08 AM
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Good day friends! I beg your pardon me for my English. I live in Central Asia. And just learning English. What is attractive in a quiet brake guys? Perhaps not even the fact of their isolation, and Ping. And most of their modesty, the imaginary, the possible intelegentnost. Reliability. Who are any of you guys are offended brake? And they made you sick? They have ever laughed at you after love. The topic was asked to speak not about sex. So let the love I mean romance, festivities in the moonlight, and so on.
Such cases are much smaller than the cowboy who makes fun of his ex, or humiliates her in front of friends. ;-)
More races will forgive me for the English, and for the fact that maybe my thoughts are hard to understand ...
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Feb25-12, 08:48 AM
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Welcome zoro to a great and very international forum and a great place to practice your English. I have lived in a country that spoke a language that I did not speak or understand and I had a very difficult time but people were very helpful.

The question is asking what kind of woman the quiet studious guy likes, not the reverse. But by talking about the ways of the quiet guy you also give the type of woman the quiet guy likes. A woman who is intelligent, has a good sense of humor, is kind and romantic.

Come back again please. We thank you for sharing your ideas.

(You are misusing the word "brake" and I'm not sure what characteristic you mean for it to describe.)

Thank you again.
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Apr10-12, 08:36 AM
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Quote Quote by MissSilvy View Post
I figured I'd have to do that, good idea :) I was just curious about which qualities the guys find attractive in girls.

Nice line by the way!
the same as any other man.
you either like someone or you dont.
there is no one thing
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Apr16-12, 07:50 PM
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Talking from personal experience, I guess that the quiet guys lack experience and are less confident initiating a conversation, especially when there's physical attraction. Due to their inexperience, they might also have difficulties recognizing cues. They also may have difficulties understanding signals which are rather unambiguous, so you may waste a lot of energy trying to give obvious signals and as a consequence you may feel rejected when the guys is actually interested in you. If such a guy is especially nervous around you or quickly looking away when you catch him looking at you, you can be quite confident that they're interested in you.
So the best way to get their attention is to initiate a conversation in a setting where they can confidently be themselves (so not with tons of people hanging around) and ask them out on a date. When they know you're interested, most of their fears will have gone.

What kind of girls do nerdy guys like? Of course they will also want something nice to look at but since all girls are different and most girls are beautiful in one way or another, this shouldn't really be a problem. For a long term relationship however, I suppose that nerdy guys appreciate a deeper emotional and intellectual depth. I know that I do.
May16-12, 09:42 AM
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Back when I was a single guy, I was attracted to cute girls with whom I could have an interesting conversation. The girls who I found interesting to talk to were, of course, intelligent. In the end, I married a musician whose father, as well as one grandfather and great-grandfather, were physics professors. Unlike most other girls, when I told my future wife that I had a B.S. in physics her eyes actually lit up! One should note that quite a few scientists have married the sisters and daughters of other scientists. Paul Dirac was married to Eugene Wigner's sister. Hans Bethe was married to the daughter of Paul Ewald.
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May18-12, 07:36 AM
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[QUOTE=luitzen;3868816]Talking from personal experience, I guess that the quiet guys lack experience and are less confident initiating a conversation, especially when there's physical attraction. Due to their inexperience, they might also have difficulties recognizing cues.

That is so true, especially for young nerds. Older ones get over it. In my case many years ago we had time to kill between classes so she asked to go for a walk. The beach was close so we went there. After a while I decided she was nice, but we had no future together. She could not possibly like me because we had absolutely nothing in common. She a social worker and me an engineer.

As I turned to walk away she yelled:


I turned around and she said:

I'm at least going to get a hug out of you.

So she gave me a huge rib crushing hug and held it for a long time . We were both silent.

Then I said, "Goodbye."

She said:

Don't ever say that.

Say "See you later."

She then made me repeat back her phone number several times until she was sure that I had memorized it.

Looking back on it, I now know that she had been giving me subtle signs for weeks that I completely missed. I missed her not so subtle signs during our walk. But I finally got it.

Now nearly 4 decades later we are still very happily married. She is my soul mate.
May18-12, 07:54 AM
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Quote Quote by luitzen View Post


Looking back on it, I now know that she had been giving me subtle signs for weeks that I completely missed. I missed her not so subtle signs during our walk. But I finally got it.

Now nearly 4 decades later we are still very happily married. She is my soul mate.

Yeah, nerdz is dumb. And also more desirable than a meat-bag in terms of a partner. I wonder how long she was in love with you before she lost patience and yelled at you. My little routine is the best one out there for (quite frankly) guys who lack confidence and a clue. It allows you to set the pace, and gives you a narrow window for action (8 seconds of courage is plenty).

My wife pinned me down in a tickle fight and demanded to know when I would be marrying her. I guess they would never get the decent guys if they waited around, right?


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