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Staying in Micro Field

by benw315
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Apr23-12, 10:36 PM
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Hey All,

To be fair to myself I have to ask this same question to both sides.

I have a BS in Micro and am currently working at Beckman Coulter (not Micro, but working with ELISA). It took me 18 months to get the job I'm at (before I was doing micro and QC at a beef jerky plant). The main thing I'm hearing is the difficulty in moving up in the biological fields... I am also hearing about oversaturation in the field and have noticed this first hand. Are you all finding this to be true?

More than likely I'm going back to school for another BS in Mechanical Engineering. The Aerospace and Biomedical fields interest me very much and my preliminary degree in Micro should set me up nicely for Biomedical.

I would like to stay in the field if I could spend my life researching but it seems like the money just isn't there and the researchers I see don't make nearly their worth. Cancer research would be my passion. However, I don't see this profitable and I see it very difficult with the prospects of various positions I've noticed. To move up, I need a PhD. I would love the degree, but competition for PhD positions is very high and a lot of research grant applications are declined. Am I correct? I talked with my advisor constantly my senior year and he told me not to go to graduate school because a lot of people with grad degrees didn't have work and lots of companies would pay for schooling... if you sign contracts to work for them. I guess that's the way it is with Beckman now that they changed their policies.

I am looking for a little reassurance, I'll be honest. But I am also looking for a reason to stay in my current field.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


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